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A little introduction. ⬇️

RMST is an evolution of clothing // REVERSIBLE REUSABLE REMASTERED is our MOTTO.

We started with reversible swimwear, giving you various ways to wear one bikini! Having 4 ways to wear our swimwear helps the overbuying of new bikinis that can only be worn one way.

We use fabrics that will keep their colour for years (5 + and counting), extending our garment's life. It’s been 5 years since the first bikini was sold… new designs due!

We then designed + developed reusable bodysuits. Again, giving you more ways to style them in the most comfortable and flattering fabrics + designs.

We are now the year of remastered, bringing you reworked clothing in trending styles using secondhand clothing to stop the ongoing trend of fast fashion. We are here to show + educate you on ways you can re-wear what you have without buying new. We are currently working with stylists, vintage shops, and those that want to contribute to the world of buying what’s already made.

CONTACT us to join RMST.

THANK YOU for the support we have received to date, we’ve enjoyed every moment and are always excited to expand, develop and grow with you guys.


 Give RMST a try and remaster your wardrobe 🔄

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