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Accepting that your favourite pair of jeans don’t fit you anymore is so hard, especially when you don’t want to get rid of them but hoarding them is not going to help either!

I’ve always had problems with the way clothes fit and luckily I’ve been taught from a young age how to adapt them to fit or changing them into something completely different.

For example

I had a lovely pair of purple trousers that were the cutest but unfortunately did not fit anymore! The waist of the trousers fit lovely, it was the hips and thighs that let the team down! The usual culprits, finding a pair of jeans to actually fit you everywhere is an absolute mission.

Deciding what to do with them was easy! A skirt. I do love a skirt, a skirt with a frill is what I wanted to make, and a frilly skirt was what I got!

took 2 days to make and another day of photographing, and I’m gassed with the result, I paired the skirt with a new ‘RMST MINI’ that I’ve been working on, asymmetric cuteness :) a Clover bag from PennyLondon and some adorable heels to match! and of course the matching nails



This skirt will not be for sale, but I am thinking of creating some more upcycled looks in different coloured jeans and sizes so keep an eye out!! No one will be the same!

The 'Asymmetric Mini' pairs lovely with some High Leg, V-Shaped Bikini Pants for a cute summer look! From the beach to the streets with this Purple Rain Look x

Will be doing an ASYMMETRIC MINI DROP SOON in the grooooooviest of colours!

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